One of the First 9 Certified Lipsologists in the World & the First East Coast Lipsologist


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Want unique entertainment for your party or a fascinating and insightful private reading? You’ve found it!

Ariana (aka Anna Snodgrass) is one of only 9 Certified Lipsologists and the first Certified Teacher of Lipsology in the world and the only one on the East Coast trained in the fun and entertaining practice of Lipsology!

What is Lipsology?

Lipsology is the new and exciting art and science of Lip Print Reading – using her kiss cards made specifically for your event, Ariana will collect your guests’ lip prints and with humor and upbeat insights, she will share with your guests their personality characteristics, energy levels, and more! Her interpretations are based on lip print characteristics such as size, shape, color intensity or lack of color, fullness, positioning and special markings. The lip prints are made by putting on lipstick and then “kissing” or pressing lips to paper (or kiss cards). Ariana brings the lipstick and you and your guests bring your lips! Learn More

“Thanks for a great lip print reading yesterday Ariana. You were spot on. Highly recommend!!!” – Katrina from DC Read More

Big Smile with Kissing Card

Hire Ariana to come and entertain in unique fashion at your Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Wedding, Bachelorette Party, Anniversary, Corporate events, Wine & Chocolate Tastings (Lips and Sips), and much more! Ariana will amaze and entertain your guests at your special event and send them home with a unique memento that will have YOUR logo and them on it.

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Sample Kissing Card

Kissing Cards are a way to give a friend, co-worker, family member, employee and anyone else you can think of a gift of a Lipsology reading (Lip Print Reading) from Ariana and a card at the same time. Your job is to collect your “giftees” lip prints and make some fun choices in card backings. The rest is up to Ariana who, once she receives the lip prints, will make a beautiful card with a personal lip print reading that she will deliver to you for you to pass on to your “giftee”.

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Allison Seymour and Ariana

Getting a private reading with Ariana is easy and you even have LOTS of choices in how to do it! You can get a reading over the phone, by email or even Skype. Send an email or call Ariana to make an appointment and you can discuss your options.

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Ariana has been a sought-after professional/corporate, private, and party reader/entertainer for over 37 years.

Ariana Lightningstorm

Her newest reading technique is called Lipsology – the art and science of lip print reading. Using kiss cards made specifically for your event with your logo and event theme on the front, Ariana collects your guests’ kisses and shares their personality traits, energy levels, emotions, and clarifies their current situations. With 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories, Ariana will amaze you with her accuracy and amuse you with her lighthearted approach. Not only will you have your guests excited about their readings by Ariana, your guests will also have a keepsake from your event that is a great “ice breaker,” and many folks post those kiss cards and even frame them! This will keep your event in your guests’ fond memories for a very long time to come! Meet Ariana