Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do you bring all new lipsticks to the party?2018-08-05T09:19:27-05:00

Here are your Lipstick options:

1st and most popular option – Normally Ariana brings the lipstick, some of which is “recycled” and some brand new lipsticks together, enough for each of your guests (if Ariana is working for 2 hours she brings around 50 lipsticks). Here’s how Ariana “recycles” the lipsticks…. Ariana slices off the used lipstick end with a razor blade and cleans around the lipstick case with alcohol so it’s completely safe and clean for the next event.

2nd option – For an additional fee of $25 per hour and a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the event Ariana will purchase and bring all brand new lipsticks for the event.

3rd option – YOU provide the lipstick (the lipstick needs to be a strong color that will print well on a white background dark and NON-frosted colors of lipsticks work well and need to be a moist lipstick and not matte so they will make a print. For example, wet-n-wild). Also, no gloss or balm because it does not print well (hard to read if not impossible) and it tends to smear and not leave your guests with a good clear memento of kisses on their cards to take home.

4th option – Ariana brings a set of new lipsticks and a lot of q-tips and lip brushes or alcohol wipes to clean the lipstick so the guests can put the lipstick on this way. (Less used option for 2 reasons – it’s lots more messy and it takes longer for the guests to get their lip prints to paper so Ariana doesn’t get to read for as many guests this way.)

All Options – Guests can bring their own lipstick with the same caveat that it be a strong color and not a frost or light pastel and NOT lip gloss because it smears and is not, therefore, as good a keepsake for them to take home.

How are lipsticks cleaned?2018-08-05T09:23:21-05:00

Check out the 4 step process!

Ariana slices off the end of the lipstick (anything that has been touched by someone’s lips). Then she cleans the entire tube with rubbing alcohol. She says “It’s possibly cleaner than when I got it from the factory!” 🙂

What if I Have a Smaller Space and don’t have enough room at my location/event for a 6’ banquet style table for Ariana’s “kissing station”?2018-05-02T11:54:25-05:00

Spacing Options: Want Ariana to fit in a smaller area or have a smaller group… no problem… just let Ariana know what your space will be like and she can work out with you how to set up the “kissing station” and where she does her readings.

Where at my event should Ariana be located?2018-08-05T09:24:13-05:00

A lot of people think that Lipsology is like fortune telling but it is not. Lipsology is most often a group event where everyone can hear each-other’s readings. Therefore, you can put Ariana in the middle of all the excitement, in the front, wherever your guests can find her.  Also, good lighting is a must for seeing the details in a lip print. A well lit area is great! Good lighting on the “kissing station” so your guests can read the signs explaining about putting on the lipstick, kissing the cards, etc. and a good light where Ariana is doing her readings so she can see the lip prints is essential so 2 good lamps is the minimum for lighting Ariana’s setup.  Ariana has clip-on lamps and extension cords if needed, just let her know.

Where not to put her? Try really hard not to put Ariana next to or in the same room as the DJ or band if at all possible. Telling people their lip prints messages relies on your guests being able to hear Ariana speak.  Don’t put Ariana outside!  The lipsticks (and Ariana) will melt and winds will blow away the kiss cards.  Lipsology is an indoor sport!